Marquee Optional Extras Doncaster

Compliment your marquee with those etxra special touches for your event with our range of optional furnishings and wall coverings.

Marquee Optional Extras Doncaster

Marquee Optional Extras Doncaster give simple elegant touches to any venue and create the vision you have aspired to create.

We provide everything that is required to dress a venue or marquee so that your ideas then become a reality.

Working with a number of professional companies that can provide what we don’t. we would be happy to recommend, as we work closely with them and are aware of their reliability and work ethic.

There is a vast range of items not on the website, so its always best to ask and we can probably arrange.

We have a number of companies we work with for loo hire, Luxury units usually start from £400-£900.

The price would vary on how many people you will be having at your event.

Single toilet hire is basic yet handy and they usually start from £85.

To finish a marquee centrepieces, and finishing touches set the ambiance, and bring the whole look and theme together.


  • Exterior and interior marquee lighting
  • Internal drapes and finishings for marquees
  • Table cloths for marquees
  • Chair covers and saches for marquee seating
  • Flower entrepieces for Wedding Marquees
  • Cake tables for Marquee Weddings
  • Backdrops For Marquees
  • Bride and Groom Marquee Seating
  • Top Tables For Wedding Marquees
  • Discos and Dance Floors to hire
  • Tableware and Cutlery for Marquees

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